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Pacifica Shipping has operated nine ships on the New Zealand coast since 1985. Images and descriptions of each vessel are shown below in chronological order.

Spirit of Free Enterprise


Pacifica Shipping was formed in 1985 and took over this ship which had worked the Wellington-Lyttelton run since 1983. This vessel was the first vessel to carry LPG in tankers to the South island prior to the pipeline being built over the Port Hills which enabled bulk deliveries. Seen here in Wellington Harbour, it was retired from service and sold to a Fijian Company in 1985.

Spirit of Competition


This vessel was introduced in 1985 and worked on the Lyttelton-Wellington run for 23 years before retirement in 2008. SPOC was a versatile Ro-Ro vessel and carried a variety of cargoes over her years of service including the transformers weighing 108 tonnes for Benmore, various species of animals from Orana Wildlife Park to North Island zoos, large eathmoving equipment for the mining industry and hospital gases on a regular basis. Seen here in Lyttelton Harbour.

Spirit of Freedom


This RoRo vessel was introduced in 1987 and took over from the Coastal Trader when the Shipping Corporation of New Zealand exited the coastal service. After operating a weekly service between Lyttelton and Auckland for 4 years she moved to work with the Spirit of Competition on a daily service between Wellington and Lyttelton. She was replaced on the Auckland service by the first Ro-Ro/Lo-Lo vessel Spirit of Progress. Seen here unloading at Lyttelton, in 2000 she was sold to a Mexican company operating on the Baja coast, California.

Spirit of Progress


Introduced in 1991 in conjunction with Spirit of Freedom moving to the Wellington-Lyttelton service. This vessel was the first step into containerisation to serve the Auckland market.  A Lo/Lo Ro/Ro vessel with two 25-tonne ship cranes and a stern ramp, the vessel's flexibility enabled containers to be shipped on deck and cars, trucks and over-dimensional cargo on the Ro/Ro deck. Progress was first to use the West entrance of Auckland at Onehunga which reduced transit times between the North and South Islands by 15 hours and enabed coastal shipping to compete time-wise with the land modes. The vessel ran a weekly service between Lyttelton-Nelson-Onehunga-Lyttelton and is seen here negotiating French Pass. She was retired from service in the late 1990's.

Spirit of Vision

SPIRIT OF VISION (1995-2003)

The second Lo-Lo/Ro-Ro vessel joined the Pacifica fleet in the mid-1990's on the West Coast service linking Onehunga-Nelson and Wellington on a weekly schedule for a short period. She then joined a weekly two-ship service with sister ship Spirit of Progress between Onehunga-Lyttelton-Nelson with one vessel ex-Onehunga on Friday each week and one vessel ex-Onehunga on Tuesday of each week.Vision is seen here loading at the Port of Lyttelton in 2001, two years before being discharged and sold to a Korean company.

Spirit of Resolution


Pacifica's first self-loading container vessel replaced Spirit of Progress to work on the same Lyttelton-Nelson-Onehunga service. Between 2001 and 2003 she worked with Spirit of Enterprise (see below) on an East Coast-West Coast 'butterfly service' linking Auckland's two ports with Nelson, Tauranga and Lyttelton, with periodic links to the Port of Otago. Until going off charter in 2012 she worked the weekly Lyttelton-Nelson-Taranaki-Onehunga run. Seen here at Port Nelson, the 100m long ship carried up to 382 loaded TUEs, with slots for 60 reefer boxes.

Spirit of Enterprise


This self-loading specialist container vessel was introduced in 2000 to work the East Coast Auckland-Lyttelton-Dunedin service, with an alternating weekly 'butterfly' service on the West Coast calling at the Port of Onehunga. The vessel also made intermittent calls to the Port of Timaru chiefly for breakbulk goods such as grain and other special cargo assignments. She was retired from service in 2003 when the effects of the deregulated coast reduced demand for scheduled coastal cargo services between the main Auckland market and South Island centres. The vessel is seen here at the Port of Timaru.

Spirit of Endurance


This newly-built vessel was introduced in 2008 to renew the weekly East Coast container feeder route linking the ports of Auckland-Lyttelton-Dunedin-Tauranga, a service that was discontinued in 2003. At 130-metres and 7,470 gross tonnes, she is the largest specialist container carrier on the coast and uses port container cranes for quick turnarounds. The vessel can carry 445 fully loaded TEUs and has 120 reefer slots, making it suitable for moving large volumes of domestic cargo as well as trans-shipments of export and import cargo between the country's four main ports. She is seen here at Port of Tauranga on the northbound schedule.


The Spirit of Independence was introduced in late 2012 to replace the smaller vessel Spirit of Resolution on scheduled weekly coastal routes connecting with the ports of Auckland (Waitemata), Lyttelton, Nelson and New Plymouth.  At 133-metres and 6,701 gross tonnes, she is similar in size and capacity to the Spirit of Endurance. Independence carries 363 laden TEUs and has 100 reefer slots, providing manufacturers, producers, exporters and importers with an efficient means of consigning domestic and transhipment cargoes. She is seen here at the Port of Lyttelton on a weekly call.

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